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RemiTradeHola mis amigos!

There are programs that are flashy and glittery and you pay attention to them immediately because of all the dazzling.

There are also programs that grown on you the more you peruse them and the more you look at the chilly and understated design. Our today protagonist definitely falls into the latter category.

Remi Trade is a company with its seat in Dominica (8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica), which is always a nice place to have a place in, right? Naturally, it's all about the business aspect of such a decision, but you know that I always enjoy the administrators sipping drinks on a beach. It's just so much better. Moving on, as Remi Trade proudly announced "We are not so young". Indeed, according to the website the company was founded in 2002 and was apparently waiting to appear online, which happened in 2009 when "online opportunities for trading and investments were introduced [...] for public in general not for practitioners solely. There was also an increase in our initial capital. The increase gave us an opportunity to make a serious reserve fund in order to have deposits from investors insured".

And then the proper Remi Trade emerged with a domain created on November 12, 2013 and GeoTrust SSL certificate implemented three days later (valid from (11/16/2013 to 11/19/2014). While the first move was perfectly executed – the domain is valid for another ten years, I have some doubts whether optioning for an optional "https" is necessarily the right choice. Sure, your data are "protected by 128 bit SSL encryption; if it is activated, you will see a closed padlock in the status bar of your browser". However, you do need to know that beforehand, so just be sure you see the "padlock" as RT suggested.

When it comes to navigating the website, it could not get any simpler. As I've mentioned in the introduction, the website is not one of the most innovative and groundbreaking pages in the history of the Internet, but it's crisp and user-friendly, which is just as well. The only problem I have personally encountered has to do with the registration process. First, let me assure you, it's a pretty obvious process and needs no explanation, really: you just give them a name and surname, your e-mail address and some password information. Then you have to answer a secret question and Remi Trade chose the "family set" with questions like "Mother's maiden name" or "Mother's birthday", which I always enjoy.

I don't know if it was my infamous bad luck, but I could not log into my account. Having copied everything from the confirmation e-mail received seconds before, I clicked on the "Forgotten Password" option – thinking "I must be going senile and I've already forgotten my password" – and received another e-mail with… A different login ID and the same password. For some strange reason, the confirming mail says one thing (your name is your ID), the password reminder tell a whole different story (it's your surname). But, amigos, we can always attribute all that to my luck, right? OK, once you're in, you need to… Fill out more forms, I'm afraid. As soon as you log in you get the following message "Attention! Please fill you contact details. Click here to proceed. To finish registration enter personal information: User Settings" (the details in question are the address and your birth date). I skipped that part and I'm still alive, so I think it's not as urgent as the message makes it seem.

PokerByProxy recovery plan? Or scam sign? RSS - comments

Please read the last program's update about yesterday's loss (99%):

Over the past few months, Poker by Proxy has been having an amazing time. Profits were great, and our users were fun to correspond with. However, things have changed, and in the process have totally destroyed us. Today's loss is not a typo. While we haven't completely lost that amount, we have taken massive losses thanks to Paypal and a few other unforeseeable events. It is with great dismay that I post tonight's update. Below I have outlined the primary challenges that we are facing, along with the plan to move forward.

Payment Processors

The main problem is that the payment processors seem to be run by thieves. Paypal has now managed to steal the vast majority of the funds that were deposited. Not only have they frozen accounts, they have billed our personal credit cards, bank accounts, and more. Paypal is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen, and somehow they manage to get away with it. To make matters worse, some idiotic investors have caused problems by starting disputes when their withdrawals weren't paid instantly. We are VERY clear about how withdrawals work, yet some of our members seem to be illiterate. That brings me to the next challenge we've been facing:

The Users

The vast majority of PBP users are friendly individuals, however there is a relatively large handful that seem hell bent on causing problems. These users have managed to freeze many of our accounts, reverse payments, threaten us when withdrawals aren't paid within an hour, and much more. Furthermore, these users post negative comments on forums and blogs and then demand ransom money in order to have them removed. It's unbelievable.

The Plan

Moving forward we must make some major changes. First of all, we're removing Paypal all together. I also encourage anyone who uses Paypal to stop working with such a fraudulent company. The next step will be to get things back to normal as soon as possible. With the heavy burden of the frozen funds out of the way, profits will resume. In terms of making sure no one loses out, we've compiled a list of all of our users, along with their total deposits and withdrawals. A portion of each day's winnings will now been used to bring everyone back up into the green (most members are in profit already). Please note that there will be some rules when it comes to this.

1) Anyone who threatens us or anyone associated with Poker by Proxy will voluntarily forfeit any funds that they have deposited with Poker by Proxy. We are tired of the ridiculous threats. We have actually received threats of violence when a user's withdrawal took more than 2 hours. We have no interest in dealing with such idiots.

2) If you send any message requesting that your payment be expedited, your funds will be forfeited. Such messages simply waste everyone's time.

3) The recovery process covers deposits, not overall account balances.

4) Withdrawals will now be paid within 72 hours. If you complain, as many of you have when your withdrawal was processed within a few hours, your account will be forfeited.

Today's events are unfortunate, however with a bit of luck, we can get everything back to normal in the near future.

Quite a lot happening here over the past 24 hours as you all know. We have received more than 400 e-mails and internal messages since yesterday's update, and I'm sure that we have numerous more to come. Please be patient if you don't receive a reply right away. Today's result of 4.2% has been posted and all accounts have been updated.
Recovery Process

As mentioned yesterday, we are embarking on a recovery process to ensure that no one loses out with Poker by Proxy. We have compiled a list of all accounts, along with their total deposits and withdrawals. We will be systemically going through the system clearing names from the list as we get to them. We have posted today's recovery results below. The following users have either been paid a refund or are already in profit.

We were quite clear yesterday that users who sent pointless threats would voluntarily forfeit their right to the refund/recovery process. The following users have done just that.


Anyway, lots more to come as we move forward towards a full recovery.



Newsletter: MoneyMonitor new look! AutoValuta launch, RemiTrade, RoxProfits adds RSS - comments

AutovalutaHola mis amigos!

Have you seen Money-Monitor recently? Man, it has changed! Be sure to browse through our fresh-from-the-oven website and check out all the new options and possibilities.

We don't look too shabby for a nine-year-old, right? The new money-monitor experience now includes a chat, online calculator, IP comparison tool, new filtering system, status monitoring system and Care Investors program thanks to which any problems with payouts will be closely monitored by Money-Monitor and the program's representative. Not to mention that all the plans and programs are presented in a much more user-friendly manner.

In other news, our partner, Lilion Transfer, has also introduced a new service: As you probably know, Lilion Transfer enables buying, selling or exchanging currencies, and is in the same line of business. AutoValuta's domain was registered on February 10, 2012 as part of Monetto S.A. – the owners of Lilion, Lilion Transfer, Flash-Cash or Monetto and, since the service is truly intricate and comprehensive, the website is constantly being upgraded. What's the difference between AutoValuta and other exchangers?

Bitcoin update from Cryptory RSS - comments

  Due to the significant fluctuation of the Bitcoin exchange rate, CRYPTORY has adjusted the method of calculation used to determine profit. Now, when you add Bitcoins to your account, the unit of currency will not automatically be calculated in U.S. dollars. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC into your account your income will be calculated in Bitcoins, the control panel and calculator will determine yield curve dynamics in Bitcoins.
Learn More
You can login to your account any time. Please visit our website and click on the "Login" link on our home page. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it using "Password Reset" option at
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our Service Guide at or contact Customer Support at
Thank you and welcome again to

Newsletter: Invest Age LLC and RosePiggy new listings; Arbplayer weekly payments RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Another lovely and peaceful week, you ask? Oh, yes, amigos, I'm happy to announce that the waters are calm and there seems to be nothing but dullness and boredom ahead, thankfully. Let's hope this trend prevails, mateys!



The first newbie, Invest Age LLC, has actually been around for a bit – the one-year-valid domain was registered on June 26, 2013, there have been 17 newsletters and there are more than 1,300 "likes" on Facebook. With a rather formal-looking, well-secured website (Comodo SSL 7/12/2013-7/13/2014) and overwhelmingly professional FAQ section, Invest Age seems to be all about business. What does IA do? If I were to deduce solely from the logo and the motto "Where Growth Exceed Expectations", I'd say it's something connected with technology. It turns out that the "don't judge a book by its cover" is some good advice since Invest Age is "an investment platform and subsidiary of INVESTA MANAGEMENT CO [...] located at 90 Park Avenue 16th floor, New York " that "[invests] in Forex, commodities and bonds around the globe". By investing at least $10 in one of six plans offered, you can earn from 1.8-4.5% and have a ROI of 152.50%-210.16% (including the principal).

Plans last from 15-54 days, withdrawing always starts at $1 and there is no maximum deposit amount. When it comes to the profits, the extremely informative FAQ sections provides us with an answer regarding the interest: "[d]epending on each plan [i]nterest on your account is acquired daily and credited to your available balance at the end of each day". There's no compounding and you can't withdraw your deposit before maturity, but the principal should be returned to you at expiry. Transactions are handled manually and payouts should take up to 24 hours. In case you were wondering which form of payment to choose to fund your Invest Age wallet, there's an abundance of options: STP, EgoPay, Perfect Money, OKPay, bank wire, Payeer or Western Union. Invest Age's support system seems to consist of a simple support form, e-mail ( and – probably – Facebook, because "Phone Number is: Coming Soon".


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Hola mis amigos!

If your mind is all agile, you haven't eaten too much butter in your life, and – the most important thing – you read our newsletter carefully and regularly, Funds Trade Club should not be a new name to you.

Introduced on over a month ago, FTC now holds the 19th place on our list with the so-far solid PAYING status. What else do we know about Funds Trade Club?

To start with, the name is quite cool, right? It evokes all the pleasant imagery of games and merry-go-rounds and fairy tales. To add to this, Funds Trade Club actually lives up to its name, at least website-wise. With a colorful and easy to navigate page, FTC makes quite the statement in the HYIP world. Dealing with the full spectrum of online money making, FTC takes interest in investing in online businesses, the Forex market, online "physical businesses", oil and stock, to mention some. Naturally, Funds Trade Club is not only about having fun, the team consisting of "a group of professionals with a couple of years of experience in various business segments and sectors - both online and offline ventures [that came] together to provide you with a real investment venture".

I know, I know, it sounds pretty generic. What we do learn about the creator is that his name is "Mr. James Ci" and… Oh, yes, that's it. A whois search doesn't help much since all you get is a "PrivacyGuardian" information regarding the owner of the domain. What we do find out is that the domain was created on September 9, 2013 and should remain valid for another 3 years. As far as the dates go, the website is, of course, secured with EssentialSSL certificate issued by Comodo on September 11, 2013, but which expires soon, on December 11, 2013.

Newsletter: MutualWealth presentation, Uinvest managmenet chat with CEO (Eugene) RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

It's been a lovely, calm and pleasant week. In fact, it has been such a great time lately that I feel like celebrating.

As you know, my usual manner of celebration is lying on a beach with an umbrella-adorned drink in my hand. Today, however, I'm feeling somewhat more ambitious, if you can believe it. And ambitious people celebrate by doing something, not by avoiding work, right? At least that's what I've been told, amigos…


Since no new program has been added, we'd usually go straight to the news part.

Edit: in the last hours we have added a new listing: Invest Age. A short review will be made in the next newsletter.

But not today, mis amigos! It's time to acknowledge a program that has not failed us for the last 10 months. Not once did we complain about payouts. Not once did we nag them about the support team or unfriendly layout. Who is that, you ask? Have you heard about Mutual Wealth?

According to, the company's structure is actually two-fold:

"MWF Financial Limited (founded in 2009) is the issuer and manager of portfolios and Fleet Mutual Wealth Limited works with investors and accredited advisers".

Kind of complicated, but the crucial piece of information is that "both companies are under the same management".

With a motto "Building your future", Comodo-issued SSL certificate valid from June 2012 to July 2014, a domain created in 2008 which should be valid for another year, and a freshly renewed ad contract with money-monitor, Mutual Wealth seems to do everything to show that they are actually thinking about the future.

As I mentioned before, the website is refreshingly simple and appealing at the same time. The offer seems rather daunting at the first sight, but the "Most Asked Questions" section should prove quite helpful – you'll find it under "Help". The support team awaits for your calls (+852 39733868, "calls are answered from 9am till 7pm Hong Kong time), e-mails ( or inquiries via Facebook ( or Twitter ( Bear in mind, though, that e-mails are answered within 12 hours. As you may have deduced, the company's official headquarters are located in Hong Kong (Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street Central), but the administrative section is in Cyprus, while the whole "IT infrastructure is located in New York".

What does it take to invest with Mutual Wealth? $100 – returnable – and at least 30 calendar days. You also need PerfectMoney or Bitcoin account, or you can simply wire the money in a traditional way. There are three major "Investment Products":

"Growth and Income", "Active Trader" and "Easy Saver" and the ROI varies between 2%-8% a week. The minimum to invest is always the same, but the investment periods can go from 30 to 180 calendar days, depending on the "product". How much have we earned so far? Let's just say our ROI is now 122%. And that is why Mutual Wealth is Number 2 on our list.


Newsletter: Cryptory new listing, PokerByProxy newsletter, Uinvest turn to scam? RSS - comments

CryptoryHola mis amigos!

Another autumn week has come and passed, which means that we're a week closer to Christmas and the summer at the same time. So, good news, right?

Honestly, amigos, not much has happened besides that and we should be grateful for the golden silence. And start preparing our Christmas gift lists!



What I always appreciate is a good name. Lately it seems that all the names of the programs, all the domains, are just one and the same. To my surprise, there are still some new programs with catchy names and I'd say Cryptory is one of them. With a domain registered on February 15, 2013 and valid for two years; an extended version of Comodo's SSL certificate (valid from 5/6/2013 to 5/7/2014), a clear address (the domain is registered under the name Deborah Delaney from Dublin, Rainsford Street) and a neat design, Cryptory might be here to stay.

What does Cryptory do besides inventing cool names and making surfing their website a breeze? According to the excellent "How does it work" section, Cryptory is "a scalable system of distributed computing [...] optimized for the emission of Bitcoins". As a company, Cryptory "has developed high-performance servers, dedicated to mining for Bitcoins and allows the users to utilize these servers".

To sum up, one might understand Cryptory as a Bitcoin facilitator. What's the most appealing thing about Cryptory is the "About the Company" section thanks to which you feel like you know something more about the program than the standard corporate speak. Not only did they publish some pictures, but also documents from which we get to learn that the company was officially registered on the 21st of January, 2013 and is a "single member private company limited by shares". Since the website is extremely easy to navigate, with clear, logical sections and pleasant design, the fact that setting up an account takes less than 5 minutes, does not come as a surprise. Bear in mind, though, that your first and last name, along with the date of birth and address, are required upon registration.

Once you're in, investing should be a piece of cake. Actually, even without signing in, assessing the potential investment should be a piece of cake and that's because of the incredibly handy, albeit sophisticated – there are graphs and everything! – calculator. What may be confusing is the lack of the often anticipated FAQ section. Cryptory, however, decided to go with a detailed "Service Guide" instead. Wise choice, since you get to learn most of the basics from the "Service Guide" and "Calculator". It's from these sections that one finds out that the principal is $50 ("If you want to start making money, your balance must not be less than $50"), you can invest for 1 day or even 5 years, and that you can either withdraw the profit every day or upon maturity.

Moreover, to invest you can use bank wires, EgoPay, BitCoin, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money or OK Pay. All in all, you can choose how much you want to invest, for how long you want to stay with Cryptory and what kind of profit you'd like to receive. If you feel like you need some more insight into Cryptory, you can always contact them in a myriad of ways: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or via the undeniably great "Contacts/Support" page, where you can "submit tickets, view tickets, manage billing & much more". To add to this, you can also call Cryptory (+353(1)901-52-23) or use the live chat on If that's not called being open to conversation, I don't know what is...

Newsletter: 20KProfit listing, PerfectAdIncome under DDoS, ACX blocked payza RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Our preparations for the big upgrade of money-monitor will soon be over and you'll finally be able to cherish the joy of new features, new design and, basically, pure awesomeness. I'm overconfident, you think? Just you wait: new money-monitor means more information regarding investment plans, all the statistics you can dream of, searching programs by their IPs, and so on.

As you all try to sober up after the Halloween madness, let me start with this: everything is less or more quiet on the online money making front. Don't think that everything is perfect: there is always some room for improvement, but we've all seen worse, amigos.





This week welcomed only one newcomer: 20K Profit, "a unique investment program which brings the cutting edge technologies into investment market and a product of hard work of many experienced bankers and financial analysts". I know, I know, sounds more than ambiguous. According to its incredibly flashy and neon-like website, "20K Profit is well known in offline world", but – unfortunately – no idea how and why.

What we do get to find out is that for "more than 7 years 20K Profit has been building a solid reputation and has been establishing partner relationships with different financial and social institutions from all corners of the Earth". To add to this, 20K Profit is supposedly over 10 years old. Sadly, we don't get to verify this piece of information since not much more has been shared online. What 20K Profit does share is that it "is working for more than 90 days and over 900 investors have already completed their investment cycles and have successfully withdrawn their profit from 20K Plans".

A whois search confirms that the domain was registered on July 25, 2013 and shall remain online for a year. Since the website is somewhat difficult to navigate mostly due to the design that literally makes my eyes water, let me give you all the necessary information: investing starts at $5 (or "equivalent of 0.1 BTC") and may go up as high as $20,000; they accept Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, HD-Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and withdrawals start at $0.01 for most of the payment processors and "for EgoPay and SolidTrust Pay the minimum withdrawal is $1".The investment period is 1 to 55 days, according to the FAQ section, and up to 70, according to the "Offers" section of the website. In order to get the full offer, you need to sign up first. Luckily, as the FAQ readily promises, it truly doesn't take more than 2 minutes, if that.

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 AlbionUnion reviewHola mis amigos!

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want something to be simple and clear? When it rains and all you want to do is just look at the bright, blue sky? When all the paths you've chosen proved to be difficult and all you wanted was a shortcut?

Well, amigos, it's been one of these days and it doesn't seem to end. Luckily, AlbionUnion did nothing to complicate my day even further. Just quite the opposite: perusing their website turned out to be one of the shortcuts I anticipated.


Let's start with the basics: according to the information found on the bottom of the website, AlbionUnion is "Operated by SWISSAL LTD. Company no.: #08312005". Just a quick investigation should tell you that this private limited company does indeed exist outside the Internet and was registered in London, UK (Enterprise House, 21 Buckle Street) on the 29th of November 2012. When you look at the part where they talk about themselves (and I don't mean the introductory video, we'll get to that soon enough), you'll read that "AlbionUnion was founded in 2012 by a group of skilled analysts and experienced traders to create a secure and highly profitable investment opportunities. [...] In 2013, AlbionUnion started submission secure investment opportunities to internet users worldwide". Yes, I know, rather disappointing.


Given that the page itself is so straightforward and easy to navigate, one would expect more than the same "skilled","experienced" and "highly profitable" cliches. If you hoped that the welcome video would tell you more about AlbionUnion, you may be dissatisfied: it's a nice enough video, sure, but all you get is the "competent team, skilled experts, professional analysts, customer support 24/7, worldwide satisfied customers", slogans that you're used to getting.

Going back to the Need To Know pieces of information: AlbionUnion's domain was registered on April 11, 2013 and doesn't expire for another ten years. Just recently, the website has been secured with RapidSSL and the certificate will be valid for fours more years. As you may have noticed, AlbionUnion seems to be all about the long term commitment. Are their plans following the same rule of thumb?


AU offers seven investment plans to choose from:

Start, Advance, Expert, Professional, Deluxe, Premium and V.I.P,


Any questions? Contact us!
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