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Hola mis amigos!

What a week! Lots of good news, lots of bad news, lots of new news. I know, it’s tautology, but I couldn’t help myself. What I meant by that is that we have some new programs to introduce to you this week, as well as some rather interesting pieces of information and a couple of bad deeds committed by more than a few programs to report. Fasten your seat belts, amigos!



Since I have proven to be somewhat shallow so many times, I’m no longer afraid to say/write this: let’s start with the pretty one! Vega Investment has actually the most interesting and appealing websites out of the three new programs, so it’s a no-brainer to begin with this new player. The word player is no coincidence since its website evokes the images of horse racing and is as complicated as the intricate systems of betting may seem to a newbie. Despite the imagery, the program has little to do with actual horses, although the investment plans’ names are all references to that sport.

However, the program’s strategy is “pair trading or statistical arbitrage”. While the website and the logo and the whole design is interesting, the website is anything but user-friendly or intuitive. It is, however, well-secured with a four-year-valid Thawthe DV SLL Certificate bought on February 28, 2013. The domain itself was registered 10 years ago, on March 16 and updated just recently, on February 27, 2013. As far as the investment options go, you need at least $15 to start (it’s possible to withdraw the principal afterward) and you can choose your investment plan depending on how long you want to stay with Vega Investment: there are Daily-Income, Weekly Income, Short-term Investing and Mid-term Investing options; low-level and high-level risk options; you can get your profit Monday to Friday or weekly, etc. The minimum to withdraw (using EgoPay, LR or PM) is $0.01 and payouts take up to 25 hours.

Next in line, Forex 4 INV, may not have the flashiest of pages, but at least it’s easy to comprehend. What’s more, the investment plans are really straightforward and nicely explained in a neat little chart available on the main page. Secured with Comodo PositiveSLL certificate, has been running little over 10 days with a domain created on January 25, 2013, which expires within a year, and a rather weak support system consisting of a basic support form.

Forex 4 INV’s line of business is more than obvious, and the offered plans all last 40 days during which you may earn 3.5%-7% by investing the minimum of $10-$8,001 using SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve or EgoPay. According to the FAQ section, “[f]unds are usually available within 12 business hours” and you can start withdrawing at $0.01. However, neither compounding, nor returnable principal are available.



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