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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with EcoCoins:

Money-Monitor: First of all, let me start with a question about your beginnings. What made you become interested in the online line of business?

EcoCoins: EcoCoins has been created as a technical start-up, based on cheap eco-mining, which I have developed with a team of my friends. The investment program has been created later - at the moment we’ve realized that our idea is promising and needed funds for solar panels and mining farms equipment. Thus we got into the online business.


Money-Monitor: How did you happen upon Bitcoin in particular?

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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Investment Dragons:

Money-Monitor: Hi Investment Dragons Admin, before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself?


Investment Dragons: My name is Joseph, I am the representative of Investment Dragons, and and is ready to answer all your questions


Money-Monitor: Have you ever worked in the on-line investment business before?


Investment Dragons: Our company has just entered this market. But the hired employees have extensive experience in marketing, technical issues, and promote the company.


Money-Monitor: How many people are involved in your project?

Investment Dragons: We are a young company, but through our investment website opened deposits for more than 10 thousand people

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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Recyclix (Aliaksandr Suranovas - president of the company)

Money-Monitor: I just need to address this right off the bat: I believe that you're our first interviewer residing in Poland. Does it surprise you in any way? Or do you meet a lot of people who are "in the business" in Poland?


Recyclix: Poland indeed isn't as popular as other countries in the online business world, but it's mainly because we don't usually see a real working business linked with the online revenue share model that works as it should. It is a surprise by itself to be providing such services as we do and we are proud to put the words "Made in Poland" next to our project.


Money-Monitor: My surprise at the Polish location also stems from the fact that investment products in Poland are quite restricted as far as all the regulations go and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority makes sure that you obey the rules. What legal measures have you undertaken as Recyclix?


Recyclix: The important thing here is the difference between the investment products and actual waste trade and recycling. The way we market Recyclix is to highlight the economic advantages and benefits of plastic recycling. There were several approaches to the legal side of our business including "Waste CFD's", but to avoid the complexity and licensing as an investment or brokerage firm we have decided to move on with a simple buy-and-sell concept, which can operate completely legitimately as a limited liability company that we are.


Money-Monitor: And how did you end up with a company that deals with recycling? Are you a huge Al Gore fan or something?

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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Cryptoconomist:


Money-Monitor: First of all, let me congratulate you on an awesome website. How long did it take you to create it?

Cryptoconomist: Hello Dear Money-Monitor and our Members,
I am really glad to answer your questions for the interview.
I will try to provide exhaustive information about our Program and our Team.
My name is Eller Otte, I am 31 years old,  with our team we have a great experience in such area as results you can see Cryptoconomist Limited Company. And Yes, I am main Administrator and CEO of  Cryptoconomist Limited Company.
We have been working very hard to provide profitable strategy for long term operation. So, we have prepared a really good Company who still operate for a more than 320 days online. 


Money-Monitor: I just have to ask: why Cryptoconomist? How did you come up with this name?

Cryptoconomist: The main objective of Our  team is to get the highest profits possible from trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) and Cryptocurrency exchange markets. So, our basic activity is Cryptocurrency market, so that’s why we were called our Company in such way. 


Money-Monitor: Speaking of the origins, what made you think of entering such a line of business?

Cryptoconomist: We have had a great experience in such area since 2009 year, for my team it’s a good opportunity to show their professionalism and provide excellent services to investors for a long time. 

Money-Monitor: It has to be said that online money making has gone through some critical changes. What do you make of the current hyip situation? Do you still believe in this business?

Cryptoconomist: We are still operating as usual and yes, we haven’t any idea to stop our work.
So I think we can say that, I still believe that all this time when it is hovering at great levels should be good time to invest for long term perspective. We all know that we have a great company and our experience will help us for our long term portfolio. Have patience and invest in a profitable ways as long as possible. 

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ArbPlayerDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Arbplayer:

Money-Monitor: Could you give us the name of the company that's behind

ArbPlayer: We are group of individuals and refer ourselves as Arb Player.


Money-Monitor: What's the structure of your company? How does ArbPlayer operate on a day-to-day basis?

ArbPlayer: We work as a team. Every team member has personal accounts with bookmakers. When an arb occur, some team members place bet at one bookmaker and rest team members place bet at another bookmaker. Simply, any team member never place bets on all bookmakers for the same arbitrage bets. It reduces risk of being highlighted in case bookmakers communicate to know arbitragers.


Money-Monitor: According to your website, you have "experience in sports arbitrage, especially soccer arbitrage". Where does this interest in arbitrage come from? How long exactly have you been doing this?

ArbPlayer: I love soccer. First time, i heard about bet from my friend. He had an account with Pinnacle. But i opened an account with Marathonbet as Marathonbet withdrawal was free (it's still free). Sometimes i won while sometimes lost. Once i had a bet for my team (to win) but i lost. Next day, i just asked my friend about his bet and he told that he won as he had a bet on the opposite team (to win). But my curiosity was about the odds. It was different for the same game and covering both results i.e. Win/loss. I told my friend about this and next time we searched for the same. I searched on Marathonbet and he searched on Pinnacle for odds. We found one for over/under and he placed bet at Pinnacle and i placed bet at Marathonbet. Next day when we checked our account. He lost but i won and for surprise i won more than our total amount placed in bets at both bookmakers. It was simple mathematics. It was a win-win situation for us and the journey started. Now, we are professional.

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ProfitClicking interviewWe had the amazing opportunity to talk with one of the most important pieces of the Profit Clicking puzzle, its vice-president who goes by the name H J Doc.

As Profit Clicking becomes more and more popular, not to mention ubiquitous, we decided to ask all the questions that potential and actual PC members should know the answers to: from the mysterious algorithm through the as anticipated as feared restart to what's going on with the legendary Frederick Mann, and many, many more...


Money-Monitor: How does it feel to be involved in one of the most popular Internet projects?

ProfitClicking: I feel it an honor to have a part in a project that helps so many people around the world. I also feel a great responsibility to provide the best experience possible.


Money-Monitor: Do you feel like Profit Clicking is making a difference in the "earning money online" world?

ProfitClicking: Absolutely... Yes!


Money-Monitor: Let's say I'm a complete newbie when it comes to earning money online. What would you say is the most important thing I should learn?

ProfitClicking: The most important thing to learn is "Systems Succeed Where People Fail." Success comes through learning the system and following the steps outlined in the system. Once a person is familiar with the system the next important step is commitment to work the system, be consistent. The commitment is connected to the goal. For example, some goals require daily action and others require less.


Money-Monitor: And how about Profit Clicking? What are the basics that a newcomer should get to understand as soon as possible?

ProfitClicking: The Basics in Profit Clicking are simple... There are Two Ways to benefit financially... The first one is to join the system and purchase "Ad Packs." Members potentially receive $.20 per weekday and $.10 on weekends for each ad pack purchased. Qualification for Daily Sales Commissions on Ad Packs is simple: view the minimum of three websites a day in our Traffic Exchange. Secondly, find others to do the same: Profit Clicking offers a generous referral bonus for each Ad Pack purchased by members you invite. Currently the bonus is $1 on every Ad Pack purchased by your personal referral and $.50 on every Ad Pack purchased by your referrals referral. As our sales volume increases the potential for Commissions and Referral Bonuses also increases since commissions and referrals come from sales volume in the system.


Money-Monitor: And your own personal piece of advice?

ProfitClicking: My personal advice... When I look at the global economics, I see the masses struggling financially. Profit Clicking provides a simple, effective, fun way to make money online. I encourage members to share Profit Clicking ever day. Profit Clicking makes it easy by providing the first $10 value so members can begin the process without using their own money. You can "Test Drive" Profit Clicking on us and experience for yourself how easy it is to see the results immediately.


Money-Monitor: There have been many rumors and speculations regarding Frederick Mann's involvement in Profit Clicking and, as far as we know, he has supported some of PC's statements. Could you tell us if he's still involved with PC? And do you know if he approves of the way his project is being continued?

ProfitClicking: Frederick Mann has retired to focus his attention on other projects. However, he was very clear on his expectations with the migration process and has provided oversight to make sure the migration is completed correctly. Although Profit Clicking is now owned by a Global Holdings Company, Frederick is still a "Independent Business Owner, IBO" and retained the option to promote Profit Clicking as an IBO. Although I can't speak for him as to whether he approves or disapproves of specific situations, I do know that he has and continues to provide oversight until all his requirements have been met. To my knowledge he was consulted in selecting every key leadership staff member and has supported the migration process. He is also developing additional products and services that will be available to Profit Clicking members in the future.


Money-Monitor: Could you tell our readers how exactly PC functions on a day-to-day basis? How many people are involved in the project?

ProfitClicking: We have a staff of several hundred and growing. We meet daily with our Department Directors to track the development of key components, identify internal issues with hardware, software, customer service and member support, training and other items that need attention. We prioritize each item and alocate the necessary resources needed to address each item. Our daily staff functions are very similar to what you would expect to see with any Global Corporate Entity.


Money-Monitor: And who is “the boss”? :) Who represents PC?

ProfitClicking: We have an "Executive Team" responsible to complete the agreement between Frederick Mann and the Global Holdings Company, develop additional components outlined by the Global Holdings Company and Manage the day to day requirements needed to support this Massive Global Organization called Profit Clicking. The staff report to the Executive Team. The Executive Team is "The Boss."


Money-Monitor: Are you planning on opening your non-virtual offices somewhere? Or send your representatives to some particular countries?

ProfitClicking: Our goal is to provide the Profit Clicking opportunity to as many people around the world as possible. Since we are dealing with many countries, cultures, languages etc., we've found that the Virtual Office has served us better. I'm not aware of any immediate plans to open a non-virtual office but if and when it becomes necessary we will address it then.


Money-Monitor: And which country would you call your biggest “fan base”?

ProfitClicking: Hmmm... I know we have strong followings in many countries. Europe, Africa, United States, Mexico, Canada all have strong representation in our membership base. I'd prefer to say we have "Fans and Favorites" all around the world. I don't want to exclude any country as a favorite because so many countries have people who need what we have to offer.


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StrongInvestment interviewAn exclusive interview with StrongInvestment representative:

Money-Monitor: To begin with, I just have to ask: why “Strong Investment”? What makes you “stronger” than any other program?

StrongInvestment: Well we started Strong Investment when we receive feedback from our initial clients But We we planned everything before starting of this program because we want a long term working relationship with our clients and trader. So we are the one who never deal like ordinary hyip mostly does.


Money-Monitor: Let’s take it step by step. I sign up for an account and... I can actually do it as many times I want! What made you decide on such a laissez faire attitude toward multiple accounts?

 StrongInvestment: Let me clear this you can’t open multiple accounts with same mail id or same payment id. But let’s consider if you do and put different ids then you need to invest and we will utilize your money and generating profit so for us it doesn’t harm our business in any way.


Money-Monitor: OK, let’s say I would like to open a couple of accounts, but I’m a rather private person and I usually do not share any personal information with anyone, much less a new online investment program. Why do you require a full name and address?

StrongInvestment: Well we have decided these measures and rules before starting “Strong Investment”. Our main aim is to build trustable relationship with our clients that’s why we are using industry-standard-SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect every interaction you have with us.


Money-Monitor: I decided to give you my full name and address and now I’m a full-fledged Strong Investor. Naturally, I need to invest some money and in Strong Investment’s case it’s as much as $10. There are many programs that set the minimum investment at $1. Why do you need at least $10?

StrongInvestment: Well its very simple did you see any of those site active now? See our main aim is to make site strong and stable and for this we need dedicated clients who can work with us for longer period of time.


Money-Monitor: I can invest my money using Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, Ego Pay and Perfect Money. What made you choose those payment processors? Are you planning on adding more options?

StrongInvestment: Right now these are the best available option we could use and they are all trustworthy and stable payment processors. To expand our business we are planning to add some other payment processor too.


Scams, traps and money: an exclusive interview with ex-admin RSS - comments

hyip admin scamAn exclusive interview with ex-admin of hyips,  the owner and founder of blog.

Money-Monitor: First of all, let’s talk about your past: once upon a time you held the prized position of an administrator of your own program. What’s you best memory of that time?

Ex-Admin: My best memories are for when the investors were happy with my performance and were sending me emails of appreciation. I have had programs lasting for one year or more so you should know what I mean...

Money-Monitor: Do you miss that kind of feedback? Or is the blog-appreciation enough for the time being?

Ex-Admin: I miss those days, but I'm really too busy with my offline work and with my life. I don't have time to make my hands dirty again. And regarding the blog, I really didn't expect to receive that much response. I'm amazed honestly.

Money-Monitor: From what you write on your blog, one may gather that being an administrator was only a semi-positive experience. Would you say that it was all worth it?

Ex-Admin: Being an HYIP admin was not that positive at all. You have to do a lot of tricks, a lot of scams around, you have to lie... And honestly this was one of the reasons I left it.

Money-Monitor: I understand. But, still, many people wonder: is it profitable?

Ex-Admin: Of course it is, money wise it is one of the best businesses online if you know how to do it.

Money-Monitor: Could you lift the veil of mystery surrounding the earnings of a HYIP creator?

Ex-Admin: A HYIP admin like R7, has surely earned at least a few millions. Or newGNi is earning the same. A fast scam will make quite a few thousands close to hundred thousands, e.g. something like TheBig5.

Money-Monitor: OK, since we’re talking about the money and we all know that in order to make money you have to spend money I'm going to ask: is it just as true when it comes to HYIP programs? Did you need any seed money to begin with? And how do you legally spend money that you earn in this particular way?

Ex-Admin: You have to spend near one to two thousand dollars if you want to do it right and with some good promotions. But when you want to exchange the funds, it becomes a bit tricky: you have to know the right people, the right rate, and the right way... For LR and PM, the easiest ones, you just sell them for WU or BW of an offshore account or a fake ID to get the funds yourself. For STP and AP (until a few months ago), there are some HYIP monitors who do the exchange, and you may have to pay as high as 20-25% exchange fee to exchange to LR/PM. And, of course, holding for 3-5 business days till they can withdraw their funds.

Money-Monitor: It really doesn't sound all that simple...

Ex-Admin: As I said: it is tricky here.

Money-Monitor: We're talking about the very beginnings, so let’s talk about your background. Why did you start the HYIP adventure in the first place?

Ex-Admin: Honestly speaking, I was in financial trouble and I had no other way! Even in the first one, I lost some money as I wasn't aware of the environment enough. I had borrowed the money to start the second one and then I knew how to do it.

Money-Monitor: So while you were an administrator it probably wasn't the only thing you were doing at that time? Did you go to regular work as well?

Ex-Admin: Yes, and I still do.

Money-Monitor: Many people have some bad experiences with HYIPs and they often feel like they were taken advantage of – do you feel responsible for deceiving people?

Ex-Admin: Actually I'm going to write about it soon, but in short, sometimes yes, sometimes no. If my HYIP has run for more than a year and most of my investors are in profit, then: no I wouldn't! If the majority were in loss, yes I would.


Money-Monitor: Any major regrets?

Ex-Admin: Yes, I regret coming into this business and I wish I started something else in the first place. But it becomes like an addiction and when you make money, you like it. But after some time, when you're free to think about it and look in the past, you regret a lot of it.

Money-Monitor: Do you know of any HYIP that was/is not a Ponzi scheme? Do you think that it’s even possible?

Ex-Admin: No, it is NOT possible. ALL are Ponzi!

Money-Monitor: In the good old/bad days, did you invest in your own programs?

Ex-Admin: Why would I do that? (laughs) I never even invested in any other HYIP despite all you may think. I trade in Forex (for real) to make the profit. I just started investing in HYIPs since I started the blog, or very very seldom, like in newGNi when it started.

Money-Monitor: So if you were to advise somebody who is about to create his/her own HYIP what would you say?

Ex-Admin: I have received many emails from the prospective admins or even current admins and I always try to give reliable and honest pieces of advice. I wouldn't say "yes it is good, go for it". I say that if you're planning for it, do your best. And you MUST feel responsible for what you're doing.

Money-Monitor: And what does a person need in order to create a HYIP?

Ex-Admin: Money, and experience if it's the first time. Also, they would definitely need some advice from an experienced admin. Otherwise it will be a total failure.

Money-Monitor: Is it a “one may show” or do you need a lot of help from others - besides a sensei, namely somebody experienced like you.

Ex-Admin: Every step of the way needs experience! When you start an HYIP, when you are processing withdrawals, how to manage your funds, how to make sure you would last for long, how to generate some income, when you want to promote, when you want to exchange, when you want to respond to emails, when you want to close, when you should close... I can go on and on.

Money-Monitor: How about cooperating with monitor administrators, exchangers, people that you meet on different fora? Did they help you in any way?

Ex-Admin: Almost all of them care about their business first and I only found one or two honest people among them. I got scammed by some exchangers and working with greedy HYIP-monitors (no offense, I didn't work with you) is also neither easy, nor pleasant.

Money-Monitor: What can a person do to avoid that?

Ex-Admin: To avoid being scammed: searching in forums, google... And at least a word of advice from someone who has done it all before.

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RightFive interviewDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with RightFIVE:

Money-Monitor:  If you read our review of RIGHTfive you probably know that we found the design of RIGHT5’s website really impressive. To whom should all the credit go to?

RightFIVE: I had very specific requirements for how I wished the site to look but our designer and programmer team deserve all the credit for pulling it off. I by no means gave them an easy task when I requested a fully custom script and design but they performed above and beyond our imagination.


Money-Monitor:  When it comes to the concept behind the website, what or who would you call your inspiration?

RightFIVE: I have been around a while myself and seen many websites over the years. I would not exactly say I took ideas for any one place in particular but our site would contain what I would describe as the best of the better sites I have seen.


Money-Monitor:  What may strike’s user is that the page is extremely user-friendly. As we all know, it’s not a popular enough quality and it takes a lot of work to make a website intuitive. How long did it actually take to create

RightFIVE: We have known for a very long time that we would take our offline operations and start providing our services as an online website based program. Silkyway has been resisted since 2010 and we have known since even before then that we wanted this. We planned out every detail of the website and by the time everything was done it would have been a good few months of solid full time work which followed many more months of slower passed work.


Money-Monitor:  While RIGHTfive’s “reading materials” are really interesting, as we mentioned in our review of the program, we did find some of the text on your website unoriginal – they can be found on other pages. Is it a coincidence?

RightFIVE: That was news to us indeed. I know my company best and wrote every word of the text myself. There really is no need for us to copy our text from anyone or anywhere but I do guess certain phrases or sentences will be used to describe investment activities and it is unavoidable to sometimes write things that are similar to what is written on other websites.


Money-Monitor:  What we know about RIGHTfive’s whereabouts so far is that the Silkyway Holdings Inc. company was registered in the Seychelles in December 2010 your IP leaves us with Providence, Utah and... That’s actually it. Could you lift the veil of mystery and tell us more about your actual location?

RightFIVE: The location of our division is on our website, address and all. Our server is however located in Providence, Utah. That is out of our control, we are hosted with BlockDos, which is a Canadian based company and they are using different datacenters hosting their clients servers all over the world. End of the day RIGHTfive is a virtual business and in terms of contact we have provided members with fast and secure channels of communication.


Money-Monitor: Since we can now imagine you in a real life scenario, tell us more about the way RIGHTfive operates on a daily basis. Do you go by the same rituals a regular company does or is it more of a remote job?

RightFIVE: I have regular meetings with all the team members and we all do push ourselves to do the best we possibly can and make the most out of each working day. As I mentioned just before myself and some of the other team members do in fact work from the office, not every day mind you but at least a few days a week. Everything that we do essentially can be done from any location but I do find the environment of a working office to be the place where I am most productive.


Money-Monitor: What’s the team behind RIGHTfive like and who are the original RIGHTfivers?

RightFIVE: We have a very good working dynamic within our current team. Everyone has their place and we run like a finely tuned ship. We did start this project quite a while back and there were only myself and Brian who put our heads together and decided to move our little operation online. Since then others working for Silkyway Holdings have seen our dream and decided to be a part of it. Now we are moving forward and won’t be looking back.


Money-Monitor: It seems that you waited almost two years before going online. What’s the reason of the two-year waiting period?

JM FUND Ltd Interview RSS - comments

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JM Fund interviewDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with JM FUND:

Money-Monitor:  First of all, let’s talk about your background: is your education or professional experience what inspired you to take interest in this particular line of business?

JM FUND: Yes. First, let me introduce myself, my name is Jerry, my colleagues are Michael and Matthew. We’d been graduated from Technical University in Netherlands since 2007. During the time at university, we prefered trading computers, hardware components more than programming. I’m come from Asia, Michael and Matthew are come from Africa. Our first project was website design for one governor, then from that contact we had moved on to many more such as Lands system, road construction, construct government house, provide computer equipments for local and state offices…

What inspired us to involve in this line of business is because we want to do more projects and we see the great potential of getting fund by online investors. We also saw that not all are honest; they came and run away with money. So we not only want to get funding for our current projects but also want to build a trustful place where people can invest, a place that they can be free of worry and enjoy a life that God has given to them.


Money-Monitor:  According to, you have been around for 5 years. Why did you decide on creating a website just now?

JM FUND: Our first company was called JM TECH World. You can check to know when we started. (The website hasn’t been working for sometime, but it will in near future).

We have been getting money from offline investors since 2010 to fund our own projects. We offered them capital return after 6 months. Offline investors are limited because of connection we have. Normally, we present our ideas to friends and let them see how much profit it can bring back. So now, we need to increase the capital therefore we go online…


Money-Monitor:  What is your impression of your first month online? Was there anything that came as a surprise to you?

JM FUND: Not easy to convince investors, need big amount of money for Ads. Blackmails are our first surprises.


Money-Monitor:  Despite being new to the online world, you already took care of the security of the page. You hold the COMODO SLL Certificate and, according to your website, you are protected against DDoS attacks. Do you feel like that’s enough or are you planning on adding some more security-oriented features?

JM FUND: At this moment, we use shared hosting at KoDDos, but our server is already online therefore we are moving now. To protect our investors’ data, we use auto daily backup from the third party provider. The shared hosting can be good for some time, but it won’t meet our need. We are here to make a difference, so we must act ahead of time.


Money-Monitor:  You’ve taken care of the security, but one may think that the graphic portion of JM FUND’s website is rather basic. Is the way the site is designed final or do you think of it as a work in progress?

JM FUND: Well, the current website is just a beta and for testing purpose only. Better things are coming very soon.


Money-Monitor:  Judging by the images on the website and the fact that you invoke the name of the Lord in the “About Us” section, it may seem that JM FUND’s target are family-oriented Christians. Is that how you see the JM Fund’s clientele?

JM FUND: Yes, we won’t use the name of the Lord, if we don’t know what we are doing. We are here to prove that good things do exits.


Money-Monitor:  Both Facebook and twitter icons are implemented into JM FUND’s website, however, as of now, neither of them redirects to your fan page or your profile. When will we be able to find JM Fund on social media platforms?

JM FUND: Facebook and Twitter will be available when our new website is finished.


Money-Monitor:  Some companies treat their Facebook pages as just another way of reaching out to their clients in terms of support, others decide on a more commercial approach. On what kind of Facebook policy are you planning? What can we expect: day-to-day updates, opinion polls, contests?

JM FUND: Facebook will be our second news page where people will get the latest update from our site; moreover they can post their comments and share how their life has been changed... Update will be weekly.


Money-Monitor:  JM FUND’s support system works 24/7, withdrawals are processed Monday to Saturday, the members can earn the profit on business days only. Why did you make such distinctions?

JM FUND: We don’t offer something that unrealistic. People only get their salary from MON-FRI, so SAT-SUN payment is not profitable in the long run for our company and investors.

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