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Best online investmentPerhaps it is your dream to earn your living online. Odds are, if it is, you have conducted several Google searches, revealing numerous sites all of which claim to provide you with the means to achieve this dream. You may have felt overwhelmed at their number, and unsure of where to start.

The best place to start, is, just as in all other forms of business, understanding the mindset of the person who is supposed to be paying you. What service are you providing them which they will be willing to pay for? Unlike a traditional job, online, people do not meet you face-to-face, meaning they do not know much about you. This lack of knowledge is both a good and a bad thing. The good news is, everybody will face you with few preconceived notions, and you have the potential to earn without a middle-man such as an employer taking away much of the profit from your work. The downside is, that you will have to take on nearly all of the risk associated with your online endeavors yourself. Someone online who hasn't even met you face-to-face will not be willing to do it for you.

Thus, in order to be a successful online earner, it is essential to know how to manage risk, and to understand the level of risk associated with various online earning opportunities. On the one hand, we have opportunities such as "Pay to Click sites." These sites are advertiser-based. In other words, all of the site's profit, and by extension, all of your own profit, is provided by advertisers who wish for their ads to be viewed. However, instead of, or in addition to, providing content to attract viewers, they pass on some of their profit to those who view the ads. As such, these websites pay you to click on their advertiser's ads. There are numerous spin-off businesses that do not call themselves PTC sites but employ a similar model. Such an example is a "Pay to Post" forum, which pays you to post, or, from the admin's perspective, pays you to spend time on a forum with banner ads. Another such an example is the "Pay to Surf" website, which pays you to view advertiser's websites.

How to invest in hyips to be in profit? The truth about hyips - PART 2 RSS - comments

Hyip strategy

In the last article we gave the answer to the questions:

what is a hyip, how hyips work and what is the future of the hyip industry.

Today, I will try to answer  the question how to choose right program and how to invest not to lose or at least not to lose more than you earn. 


How the Ponzi structure really work?

As I mentioned before, a big part of hyips is based on the Ponzi structure. What does it mean? It means that new investors' money is used to pay old investors. In each program based on the Ponzi structure less than half of investors are in profit because the Ponzi structure doesn't generate any new money except for investors' deposits.

Taking into account some administrative costs (a server, domain, DDoS protection, script, design, monitors) and the administrator's own profit (or an acceptable level of loss) and referral commissions, only  few people are really making money on hyips.

So, why have some programs continued to pay for several years? Assuming that we are dealing with a Ponzi structure, such a long life is ensured by a steadily increasing influx of new investors and deposits. Therefore it is worth following statistics of hyips popularity for example by means of alexa rank. If we don’t have a steady growth on the graph, we can expect problems.


So, how to be one of profitable investors?

Firstly, the moment of entry is very important. Since all programs are collapsing after some time it is worth investing in the chosen hyip as early as possible. The programs which have brought significant profits to other investors are already dangerous despite of their current stability.


Another advantage is that even if a program collapses quickly, you will get back at least a part of your principal.


Secondly, we have to try to sense and predict if our favorite hyip will be paying for a long time. This is one of the most difficult tasks because the history shows that even well-prepared programs can fail.


Thirdly, the moment of leaving, that is how long (if possible) should you keep your deposit active? The ideal situation is when you get back your deposit and you earn by investing a clear profit only. Then you don’t need to worry about it when a program collapses because you are always in profit. If you have a possibility to withdraw your initial deposit anytime you should be watching for possible negative signals as well.


Such negative signals are:

- New investment plans introduced, much more profitable than previous,

- deposit bonuses,

- withdrawal problems,

- selective payments,

- hacker attacks,

- payment processor difficulties,

- conducting adverting campaigns,

- fake ratings in monitors.


The moment of leaving is different in the cases of short and long term programs. Typical Ponzi plans such as 110% after 1 day are usually cycled 5-6 times (in quality programs).

The truth about hyips - PART 1 - Hyip definition, is it worth investing RSS - comments


In today's article I'd like to share my experience and respond to some questions related to hyip programs.

I think that this article should be read by anyone who is interested in investing in such type of programs or his investments are not successful so please share it to your friends. 

Let's begin with the definition of hyip:

What is a hyip?

A HYIP, which stands for High Yield Investment Program, is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment.

One can often find the Wikipedia definition that is:

a hyip is a type of Ponzi scheme, which is an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

I don't agree with this definition because it assumes in advance that every hyip is a fraud and scam and every hyip is based on a Ponzi scheme. Can we say that? I don’t think so, because with such an approach we can also say that every politician is a liar, careerist, manipulator and every  police officer is a brute and robber.

These are stereotypes and generalizations because I know many good politicians and cops. I do not deny that many times it happens that a politician is a liar and careerist, police is brutal and hyips are based on a Ponzi scheme but it is not the norm.

Not every hyip is a scam and not every one is based on a Ponzi scheme. The Wikipedia definition is more an expression of frustration than a fair assessment. The connection between hyips and scams, frauds and Ponzi schemes is the result of the market regulation failure which gives a very good ground for cyber criminal operations. The problem of avoiding responsibility and the easiness of hiding one’s own identity gives a considerable scope for online fraudsters. On the other hand, hyips offer honest administrators and traders  the chance to combine their skills in spite of their problem with capital shortage.

If they would like to accept direct investors deposits in their domestic countries they would have to obtain multi-licenses and spend huge money. By creating hyips through offshore companies they are able to manage a capital without much formality.

HYIP Due Diligence RSS - comments

Due diligenceThis article is about the most important aspect of HYIP Investments – performing a due diligence on a HYIP. Learn how to investigate a HYIP. Professional investors techniques are revealed here.

The biggest mistake of newbie investors is being too greedy – investing a significant amount of money into the first HYIP promising extremely high interest, without a proper investigation of the HYIP. All HYIP investors start by losing some money that way, because they can’t perform their own due diligence on a program and they are forced to trust HYIP monitors, listing the latest scams, which are still paying and spammers, sending them their referral links. An unability to check the program by yourself may prevent you from ever starting to earn with HYIPs. To move to the next step of HYIP understanding and become a successful senior investor, you need to learn some tricks and techniques of getting the real information about HYIPs and their owners.

Internet Security – what the pros won’t tell you RSS - comments

So you have a firewall and an antivirus, perhaps even a dedicated anti-spyware program.

You feel safe and secure. And then one day, without warning, you’re locked out of your Liberty Reserve account and hundreds of dollars worth of your sweat and blood are gone in instants. Out there, some smug hacker is grinning, displaying a perfectly uneven row of rotten yellow teeth.

Where did you go wrong? Was your firewall not expensive enough? Did you not update your antivirus often enough? Did you anger the gods? Is that dog you ran over last month coming back to haunt you?

In this post I’m hoping to give you a brief glimpse into the mind of a hacker and give you a few extra precautions that you can take in addition to those you already have put in place.

basic rules before investing in HYIPs RSS - comments

Basic rules before investing in HYIPs

HYIP Risks RSS - comments

HYIP Investment involves a great deal of risk. Absolutely no HYIP can guarantee any profits and if it does, don’t believe it, the program is most certanly a scam. Investing in HYIPs you risk to lose your money every day – when a program closes it happens suddenly, at the moment when most investors don’t expect it (though experienced HYIP traders usually know when they should take the money out the program, before it closes).

If you’ve decided to invest in HYIPs, you should be ready for that kind of risk, but the risk here well worth the prize. You cannot expect to make any substantial return if you are not prepared to accept a certain amount of risk. Your gain is usually proportional to the risk – you can either earn very high daily interest with enormous amount of risk, or make the same interest but every month with a considerable risk level.


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